Welcome to Winchester Cooperative Nursery School
Winchester Cooperative Nursery School offers programs for children ages 2.1 thru 5 years of age September through mid June. Conveniently located in Winchester Center.  WCNS has provided an enriching, first-school experience to children and their families for over 50 years.  
Tuesday June 29, 2021:  One spot in the Bluejays & Cardinals class has become available (waitlist exhausted).  Your child must be four years old by Sept 1, 2021.  Please complete this application.  First come first served.  

Lisa Kane  named  permanent Director at WCNS!

WCNS is pleased to announce that Lisa Kane, who has served as interim director since June 2020, has been named permanent Director.  Prior to stepping into the role of interim Director during the Covid-19 pandemic she taught  at WCNS since 2011.  The WCNS community is eternally grateful to Lisa for bringing WCNS children back to in-person learning this September.  Congratulations Lisa!

Current Families . . .

  • Sept 7:  Board Meeting

  • Sept 9:  First Day Bumblebees (1/2 class)

  • Sept 10:  First Day Butterflies (1/2 class)

  • Sept 13:  First Day MW Sprouts (1/2 class)

  • Sept 13:  First Full Day Butterflies & Bluejays/Cardinals

  • Sept 13:  Lunch Bunch Begins

  • Sept 14:  First Full Day Bumblebees

  • Sept 14:  First  Day TT Spouts (1/2 class)

  • Sept 15:  First Full Day MW Sprouts

  • Sept 16:  First Full Day TT Sprouts

Prospective Families . . .

  • All programs for 2021-2022 are FULL.

  • Applications for 2022-2023 will be available November 1, 2021​