1.  The WCNS Board of Directors sets the tuition each December prior to the following school year.

2.  In the child’s letter of acceptance to WCNS, each family receives tuition information with their tuition statement.


3.  Tuition is paid in three installments:

  • The first payment must accompany the signed Acceptance of Admission, which is due by the date specified in your acceptance email, in order to secure your child's place in the class.

  • The second payment is due by June 1st to secure entry into classes beginning in September.

  • The third payment is due by November 15th, which is required for returning students or siblings to participate in the enrollment lottery for the following year.*

4.  Alternative payment schedules and plans may be arranged with the WCNS office.


5.  WCNS is pleased to offer the Jean Mortensen Scholarship to qualifying families.  Please refer to the financial aid information which is included with the letter of acceptance.


6.  Should a child be withdrawn from any WCNS class, no refunds are granted -   including but not limited to Instructional Classes, Lunch Bunch, and JUNE BUGS!. 



*Unless otherwise specified with the WCNS Office.