School Cancellation Policy

WCNS follows the Winchester Public Schools cancellation policy.


  • If there is a town emergency declared, and all elementary schools are cancelled (Ambrose, Lincoln, Lynch, Muraco, Vinson-Owen), all of our sessions will be cancelled for that day.

  • If there is snow day declared, all of our classes will be cancelled.

  • If there is a one-hour delay declared, our morning classes will begin one hour later than the WCNS time.  The dismissal time will not change.  Afternoon classes will follow their regular schedule.

  • If there is more than one-hour delay, WCNS will skip morning classes but afternoon classes will proceed as scheduled.

  • If there is early release day declared (due to weather or other emergency) afternoon classes will be cancelled. 

  • Parents may choose to keep your child at home if weather conditions make travel dangerous or difficult.  Occasionally, Winchester Public Schools will cancel at mid-day and send children home.  We do not usually do that.  Once children and teachers are already here, we will hold school as usual and encourage you to make your decision about driving conditions.

When to Keep Your Child at Home

1.  A child has vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours

2.  A child has a temperature within the last 24 hours.  A child must remain at home, for a minimum 24 hours, until fever has subsided without aid of fever reducing medications.

3.  A child has been treated with antibiotics within the last 24 hours following the diagnosis of strep throat or conjunctivitis.


4.  A child displays the following cold or flu symptoms:

  • Runny, stuffy nose especially if mucous is yellow/green

  • steady cough and/or sore throat

  • fever, diarrhea, vomiting

  • lethargy due to illness or medication

  • headache, body aches and/or chills

Important:  Please take the time to call the office (781-729-2003) each day that your child will not be at school so we make track frequency of absences (required by MA Department of EEC).

Thank you!