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Our School
WCNS offers two-year old, preschool, and pre-kindergarten classes as well as extended day options.  At the heart of the school's philosophy is the belief that children learn by doing and play is their way of learning about the world.  They acquire knowledge about their physical and social world through playful interaction with others, time for exploration, and making connections.  Our curriculum is designed to provide learning activities with materials relevant to their own life experiences.  Curriculum is developed around topics of interest to their children.  Our teachers incorporate the children’s ideas, thoughts, and questions.  Our curriculum also encourages mutual respect, a sense of belonging and developing responsibility as part of a group. Our community of teachers and families facilitate the children’s play by guiding them through learning opportunities in a way that encourages children to think, talk, and share their discoveries. Our program is complemented by a music and movement specialist, a drama educator, and a staff literacy consultant.
"Play is the highest form of research" - Albert Einstein
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Mission Statement
Founded in 1968 by a group of parents, Winchester Cooperative Nursery School offers a positive, first-school experience for preschool children and their families. WCNS provides a welcoming and supportive community that fosters learning and development in a nurturing environment. Working together, parents and teachers create a unique relationship that enhances opportunities for families to play, grow and learn together.
Our Cooperative School
When your family enrolls at WCNS, you immediately become a part of a wonderful network of families. Being a part of a cooperative means you are making a commitment to being a part of your child's early childhood education. Parents at WCNS have three responsibilities. 


  1. Parent helping in the classroom about once a month. 

  2. Serving on a committee or the Board of Directors. Committees include Family Events, Community Affairs, Fundraising, Marketing, Facilities, Hospitality, and Curriculum. 

  3. Participating in a work day. We maintain our own facility so help is needed to keeps things clean and safe for all of our children.






The experience you and your family will have at WCNS is an opportunity for both children and parents to meet and enjoy other families who share a common commitment to their child's education and first school experience. 

WCNS is a unique family experience because parents are actively involved in the classroom on a regular basis.  They participate in and witness the imagination and curiosity of children and their classmates.  Parents and teachers both benefit from the cooperative approach of open communication and respect.  Strong relationships are fostered among families and children, and between parents and educators.  Many families establish long-term friends and make lasting community connections at our school.