Vice President:  Serves as a voting member on the board.  Attends all Board Meetings. Attends Budget planning meetings with President, Director and Treasurer.  Leads spring nominating committee meeting.  Collaborates with the President and Director throughout the year, particularly on topics that impact committee assignments and WCNS staff.  Provides the Director with annual performance review.   Communicates regularly with committee chairs, reviews the calendar and prompts committee activities. Represents the committee chairs at board meetings and schedules committee presentations to the Board.  Distributes and collects annual reports from each board member and committee chair.  Facilitates committee chairs’ hand-off from year to year.  Organizes staff appreciation dinner.  Work load distributed throughout the year, with slightly higher demands in the Spring.  More detail here​.


​Secretary:  Serves as a voting member on the Board.  Attends all Board meetings.  Records minutes of all Board meetings and presents a brief report of year’s happenings at the Annual Spring Corporation Meeting. Responsible for handling business correspondence as necessary.  Responsible for communicating Board news in the monthly WCNS newsletter. Maintains records of meeting minutes and documents changes to policy and other Board voting outcomes.  Duties spread evenly throughout the year.  More detail here​.


Enrollment:  Serves as a voting member on Board and Chairs the Enrollment Committee.  Attends Board meetings.  Works with Communications and Hospitality Committee in preparation for the Open House.  Speak to prospective parents at Open House and during parent/child visits. Provides tours to prospective families.  Maintains contact with returning families, sibling families, and prospective families during the decision-making months. Coordinates closely with Director and office manager.  Duties most intensive November to March.  More detail here​.


Communications:  Serves as a voting member on Board and co-chairs the Communications Committee (Co-Chairs have 1 vote between the chairs).  Attends Board meetings.  Publicizes WCNS to attract future families and inform the community of school activities.  Provides photos and written copy for news releases.  Designs and distributes enrollment and other school publicity posters.  Coordinates with Enrollment to support the planning and publicity for Open House and other publicity events.  Organizes Town Day Booth along with Community Outreach Committee.  Role on Board is to maintain contact between Board and publicity efforts.  More detail here​.


Fundraising:  Serves as a voting member on Board (Co-Chair, with 1 vote between the chairs).  Attends Board meetings. Plans and executes fall fundraising direct appeal.  Solicits parent and community donations, strategizes communications and marketing for the appeal, assists with gift tracking and donor acknowledgement.  Duties most intensive in September-November.  More detail here​.

Class Liaisons:  Serve as voting members on the Board.  Attends Board meetings. Serve on the Nominating Committee in the Spring.  Facilitate communication between their classes and Director as well as the Board of Directors, plan class meetings, and arrange parent support for special events.  Create and distribute parent help calendar and schedule for snacks. Serve as point of contact for the class to inform members of emergencies, class meetings, cancellations, or information that requires rapid communication.  Organize class pot-luck evening, casual gatherings throughout year, year-end festivities, and class gift giving. Duties are most intensive in the early fall and spring months.  More detail here​.


Legal Advisor:  Responsibilities may include: assisting Director and President with policies and procedures; aid Director in employment contracts and issues; consult with Treasurer regarding budget as well as guide general contract and lease negotiations.  Attends Board meetings to aid in the efficient running of meetings and to help answer any procedural questions.  Regularly reviews Articles and Bylaws for compliance and updates.  Consults Board and WCNS Committee members on WCNS Policy and Procedures.  More detail here​.


Health:  Reviews health notices and health forms.  Maintains First Aid boxes 2-3 times throughout the year. Duties most intensive late August through September. Coordinates with Director and Office Manager(s).  Advise on medical questions and protocol within EEC regulations.  More detail here​.


Communications:  (see above)

Community Outreach:  Coordinates WCNS involvement in Town Day with Communications committee.  Organizes charitable events such as a holiday Mitten String Project, a Make a Plate event in the spring, and a spring food drive to benefit local organizations such as Got Lunch, the Woburn Council of Social Concern, and Room to Grow.  Coordinates with Family Events and Communications Committees.  Consider W.M.N., Chamber of Commerce, Winchester Arts Assoc, and WHS. More detail here​.

Curriculum:  Coordinates with Director and teachers in creating classroom, hall, lobby, and stairwell educational displays.  Provides weekly play dough to all four programs.  Committee works closely w/ teachers and Director to select, collect, assemble and present a learning environment that nurtures class specific curriculum goals.  More detail here​.

Facilities:  Chair plans and supervises workdays during the year. Coordinates parent sign-ups for workdays to ensure adequate attendance for each scheduled workday.  Works closely with the Director to develop a list of cleaning and maintenance items for work days and any additional needs throughout the academic year.  Assesses tool inventory and maintenance supplies (cleaners, paints and solvents).  More detail here​.


Social:  Co-chairs will oversee three sub committees (Family events, Parent Social and Hospitality).  Coordinates efforts across subcommittees as well as with community outreach. Communicates with VP & Director in planning activities.  

  • Family Social:  Organizes and implements a fall family event, and the Spring Fun Fair for WCNS families, present and incoming. Coordinates parent volunteers, spirit wear, and vendors for these events, prepares activities, and ensures smooth functioning during events.  Coordinates with the Community Outreach Committee.

  • Parent Social: Organizes a winter adult event and other informal events and/or communications throughout the year. More detail here​.

  • Hospitality:  Provides and serves refreshments at First Day Coffees, January Open House, and other social/school wide events that may arise.  More detail here​.


Fundraising: (See above)

Enrollment:  (See above)